Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Opposing Forces:

So, for those that understand the "duality of man". There is only one way that "opposing forces" can work in an educational way. Lets examine them.

1. The reality that we have recieved a genetic code that goes all the way back to Adam is easily accepted. What has happened to that code, is another thing all together..........

a. To illustrate the point. Let's pretend that we are in the middle of a vast ocean. Even though our boat is surrounded by other boats, everyone is to busy trying to figure out which way to go that no communication takes place between the different boats.

b. Some boats are in tip-top shape as far as appearance, but the black smoke trail they leave tells us they have engine problems. Others are so full of holes and deteriioration that we marvel that they can even stay afloat.

c. Some are vast, armor plated. Others are mere rafts where the single passenger holds up his shirt trying to catch some wind.

Some assume its a competition and go as fast as they can; not wondering if they are heading in the right direction or not. Other's, not happy with one boat, try and capture the other ones around them. Still others are too busy fighting it out to notice that you can't go to war without taking on some water.

Finally, a bell sounds. The captains on some of the boats are gone and magically replaced out of nowhere by someone new. Some try to patch up the boat while worrying about the next Captain. Others, in despair, try to sink the boat for one reason or another. Still others spend most of their time sunbathing on deck, not really worrying about what matters or doesn't matter.

Now, lets talk about opposing forces:

1. If God is Love then Satan is Lust.

This must be true according to the law of "opposing forces". In life, we have to experience both love and lust in order to learn.

a. Love is what we brought with us. It is our "intelligence governed spiritual body" that has the conscience as its guide...

b. Lust is what we get from our "dirt body and its corrupted genetic code."

While love is co-operative and social; It is viewed as "foolish" by the dirt body with the corrupted genetic code. Love is giving and generous. Essentially thoughtful and thoughtless. Love also takes courage, commitment, self-sacrifice and patience. Jesus called this "Charity"

Lust, on the other hand is a "bottomless pit" that can never be satiated or satisfied. The more we feed it, the bigger it grows until it is all consuming:

Here are some Historical Examples:

1. David had numerous wives and unlimited opportunities at "legal sexual relationships". His failure at bridling his passions led him to take away his neighbor's wife. His only wife. After she got pregnant, he had his Military Captain kill her husband by putting him in the front lines. If David had loved instead of "lusted", he would have avoided commiting murder and restrained himself.

2. Solomon, the son of David, lusted after Empire. In an attempt to achieve it, he resorted to marrying "foreign women" with corrupted pagan religions. His lust led him to sacrifice his son to the Egyptian/Phoenician god "Molech" by making him pass through the fire.

Thus Solomon the wise let the wisdom of his "dirt body" overcome the wisdom of the spiritual one that he brought with him.

Now, Let's look at "Alexander The Great", whose lust for power was endless. How many men died in battle to satiate it will never be known. It was a bottomless pit. One can't help but wonder what kind of world Alexander found in the world of Spirits after his young death. I don't think he would have been generally thanked for sending so many men to their premature deaths.

Suedonius wrote one of the only known biographies of the first 12 Caesars. Without exception they governed through their "genetically corrupt, dirt minds" Without exception, they let lust govern their lives; and, without exception, someone who lusted what they had took it all away from them.


Men and women seem to believe that there can be a peaceful co-existence between the two forces of love and lust. Between the "genetically corrupted" dirt mind and the "long-sightedness" of the eternal Spirit/Intelligence they brought with them. But, in the end, one will prevail and one will be banished....

Our Society is full of examples of "dirt slaves" that fight their "eternal selves."

1. Pornographers: that let their "lust for money" help destroy families and individual lives. Sadly, there are no winners here. The victim is in the picture, usually bought with "easy money, narcotics, and reputation". Very few "models" end up being more than used up by the machine that takes its money back with interest.

2. Those that view it become addicts as it triggers the same pleasure centers in the brain that heroin does. When the "high" wears off, it is replaced by guilt and regrets. Thus an even stronger dose is needed and Lust grows into perversion and heavy addiction. Thoughts turn to actions. Actions turn into consequences.

3. Gambling: Empty-eyed wanderers in the casino feel guilty for spending their kid's lunch money or next months rent. Losses lead to loans. Loans lead to debt; and debt leads to desparation. Embezzlement from worthy organizations; businesses; friends; family and other sheep that can be fleeced easily follows. Gambling Operations feed the ever growing circle of corruption that has to be "brought in" so society never sees the real consequences of the casinos. Arson, theft, burglary...whatever it takes to fill the empty hole.

4. Power: Never thinking of who we betray on our way to the "top" always leads to mistrust of those that are beneath us, circling like piranhas, waiting for the right time to strike. King of the hill leads to divorce, alcoholism, and every other lust as the whole grows so big; that not even all the money in the world can fill it....